People become healthy by thinking that "I am exercising often"

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Although there is a word "disease from mind", the research result that the risk of death decreases by thinking that "I am exercising properly" actually is a magazine about health and psychologyHealth PsychologyIt was announced in.

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Researchers at Stanford University, between 1990 and 2011American Disease Control Center(CDC) conducted survey results on physical condition, physical examination results, medical history, exercise frequency, etc. on people with over 60,000 people.

Investigations that CDC conducted for people included "Momentum tracked with accelerometer", "Medical information on high-risk symptoms such as hypertension and heart disease" "Presence or absence of disability" "Smoking habits" "Mental health In addition to information on actual health status such as "Situation", there was also a questionnaire on self-declaration saying "How healthy do you think you are?" Respondents were continuously tracked after the survey, and about 10% of the people died during the follow-up period.

Researchers considered all the data that influenced the conclusion, and analyzed them sometimes by modifying them. As a result, regardless of the measured value of how healthfully he actually was living, the result that the person who answered the questionnaire "There is not exercise so much" is high risk of death. People who answered "not exercising so much" are at risk of death as much as 18% as compared with the general population and actually deaths as much as 71% as compared with those who responded "actively exercising" He said the risk was high.

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In addition, in the past research, 84 people who are in work requiring the same level of exercise quantity are targeted, and half are told that "your work meets the necessary momentum of the day" and the remaining half He tracked the health condition without telling anything. When we measured the health condition of the subjects in 4 weeks, people who were told that "they satisfy the exercise required for work", compared with those who could not convey anything, the numerical values ​​such as body weight, blood pressure, body fat It seems that it was decreasing.

Based on the above research results, it can be understood that thinking that "I am exercising" regardless of the factors affecting health such as smoking and obesity leads to the health of the person himself / herself. Regarding the reason why it will happen, it is easier to exercise in daily living by thinking that "I am exercising often" because my way of thinking leads to motivation for exercise. "" I am in need of exercise It is stressful to think that it is not done "and it has a bad influence on the health condition" and "The health condition is improved by the placebo effect" can be thought.

It seems natural to convey negative words such as "you do not have exercise" or "you will get sick if you do not have it" to the patient who does not have enough daily exercise, Considering that, it is thought that communicating positive words that "you are healthy and have enough exercise" leads to improved patient health.


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