A man whose death came in the forefront, his own grave was stood by himself and a big shock

When a man with a terminal symptom pays a funeral money before dying so as not to put a burden on the child, he seems to have tombbed in a cemetery in West Lothian before his death. The funeral guy who made arrangements said that "we will obey the family's needs at any time" and said that they did everything they wanted.

Details are as below.BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | Edinburgh, East and Fife | Man shocked to see own gravestone

A tomb stood up before life.

Andy Lees, who will be seventy one year old, paid a life for his funeral and tombstone while he was living, after receiving a life extension treatment of six months. However, before he died, a tomb was built in the common graveyard, and it seems that I have to judge the friends who misunderstood for a long time.

Lees said, "After my death my kids decided to pay my funeral money so that they do not have to do anything, I paid all the money I needed but I would like to have a grave before I die I saw my grave in the graveyard, my legs trembled and did not close even if I got home, I was relieved a bit because I told the funeral man to remove the grave soon after I apologized, but the shock still continued It is said.

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