Coffin can retire as it is

Even if you catch rats like old spring-type rat catches, you will see the rat's corpse as it is, so it will make you feel bad when you dispose of it later, but it's a coffin type that hides the mouse of the mouse There seems to be a mouse.

Moreover, because it is in the shape of a coffin, if you feel guilty remains, you will be able to supply it as it is.

Details are from the following.
Sarah dery: mousetrap

This is a mouse cookie shaped mice.

It is like this when putting on the lid. Incidentally, the mouse in the picture is a doll.

When a mouse actually hits, it looks something like this, and the figure of the mouse hides.

It is like this when you take out parts.

As the coffin part is made of paper, it seems that it can be disposed of as it is, but can you truly catch rats?

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