Planning to turn LED lighting in town into the LED in the USA

In Ann Arbor City, Michigan, it seems that plans to turn all lights in town into LEDs are progressing. This is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy conservation, ultimately reducing CO2 emissions by 2425 tons and cutting power consumption by half the current level.

Details are as below.
Ann Arbor Embraces LED Technology to Reduce Energy Consumption, Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Industry Watch - Sustainable Facility

Ann Arbor City and LED maker from November 2007CreeCooperated and began making all LEDs of lighting in more than 1,000 locations in the city center. What is installedLumeconIn the New Westminster series, initial investment is expected to be recovered in 3.8 years. Lifespan is 5 times longer than that of a light bulb by making it an LED, and power consumption is halved. When this plan is achieved, CO2 emissions from Ann Arbor City will be reduced by 2425 tons, which is about the same as the amount of 400 cars to be discharged per year.

A similar plan seems to be underway in Raleigh, North Carolina and Toronto, Canada.

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