A boy born with eight limbs, a body that can be sported by surgery

IndianState of BiharDeepak Paswaan, born in Deepak Paswaan, had lived with his brother's limbs stuck to his chest until they were 7 years old, who were supposed to be born as twins. From that appearance, there were obstacles such as being bullied from other children and it was impossible to do intense exercise, but this time, it seems that we successfully removed limbs from the chest by surgical operation.

Pictured for the first time ... The boy born with eight arms and legs shows off new body after pioneering surgery | Mail Online

Deepak-kun before receiving removal surgery. He was thrown a stinky word "devil" or "anomaly", and on the contrary it was worshiped as "god". In Hinduism God is often drawn with multiple limbs, DeepakVishnuIt was said that some enthusiastic worshiper visited the house as incarnation of.

It seems that it was difficult to exercise with big things because limbs are growing in the chest. Deepak's family thought that he wanted to let him live a normal life, but it usually costs around 50,000 pounds (about 5.9 million yen) for removal surgery, and it is very likely that he will undergo surgery It was thought that it was impossible.

But last year,BangaloreChief surgeon of Fortis hospital agreed to do the operation of Deepak-kun for free. Surgery succeeded successfully, Deepak got a body that can withstand intense exercise.

Deepak-kun who is keen on cricket. "I came to be able to run faster than the two brothers --- I could not catch up till then, I love my new body, I am very happy. I am very happy."

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