A cat who survived being shot into 50 body bullets on a body

Whether life force is strong or luck is good, there are a lot of people and animals that achieve a miraculous survival in the world, but in the UK there are cats that survived while receiving 50 bullets in the body. Surgery was also done, but it seems that a lot of bullets still remain in the body.

Details are as below.
Cat survives after being shot 50 times by yobs | Mail Online

When her owner Tracy Homan found a two-year-old cat Rossi, the body stained blood, he said he was crying as he dragged his legs and complained of pain. Rossi, who seems to have been shot several times with an air gun, needs emergency surgery and the veterinarian managed to remove 20 bullets somehow, but the body was left with 30 bullets left unremoved It was.

Rosy 's body X - ray photo. The police that Homan called guesses might have used a gun that shoots many bullets at once.

Currently Rossy is being treated at home. "I can not believe I can do such cruel things against animals," Homan, angry heartfelt, is talking.

Veterinarian Clare Turner says, "I have only been a veterinarian for one year, but this is the first time to treat a cat shot with a gun," and Rothy's body will recover completely It seems to be answering that it will be.

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