27 catches of bullets with an air gun were shot super close distance The cat survived miraculously

It seems that a cat who got 27 gun shots wearing a muzzle of an air gun directly on his body miraculously survived. The targeted place is aimed at the head and neck, not the torso or leg, so you can see that the criminal is a very cruel person. The veterinarian who treated this cat also seems to be in an amazing state, so I am worried whether the criminal will not cause a more heinous affair.

Details are from the following.
Cat shot 27 times - and lives - Local News - Cairns, QLD, Australia

Possum, a 2 - year - old male cat, suffered severe abuse at around 9 pm local time February 7 and was taken to an animal hospital.

Jodi Mulley, the owner, found Possum of a domestic cat in a terrible state and managed to take out 5 bullets snatched into Possum by himself, but judged that further processing was impossible and contacted the veterinarian . Although he seems to have been refused treatment a number of times, he seems to have found a veterinarian who will finally accept it in the 5th case and took him immediately.

When I took an X - ray at a hospital, it turned out that 15 bullets remained in Possum 's body. Mr. Max Fargher, the attending physician, said, "I have been a veterinarian for 18 years, but I have never seen such a terrible abuse," which is a remark of the severity of this abuse.

Possum and Max doctors when brought in

There are marks that were shot in various places.

This is a photograph taken by X-ray.

According to the investigation, it turned out that the muzzle of the air gun was attached to the face and the neck directly and was shot. On the contrary she also found that he was fired with a muzzle in his mouth. It took 700 dollars (about 68,000 yen) to Possum bullet removal surgery, and it seems that surgery took place on March 2 of the local time.

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