A man who was thought to have died in a traffic accident, wakes up with a pain in the examination

A man who was thought to have died in an accident on a highway is said to have woken up because he was not able to endure much pain due to postmortem examination (autopsy). It is a good thing that it was safe, but I want you to forgive me for being able to put a scalpel without anesthesia.

Details are as follows.
Dead man wakes up under autopsy knife | Oddly Enough | Reuters

Carlos Camejo (33) met a traffic accident on the highway of Venezuela. He was deemed dead and was brought to the official body of the corpse (a place to post an unknown corpse for a certain period of time). The bleeding began when he began the examination, and apparently he saw that there seemed to be something wrong, he began sewing the incised part of his face, but Camejo woke up not to bear much pain there It seems to be said that.

Camejo who got a document that orders his stare.

I do not know the truth or falsehood, but I hear the story that the person who thought it died during the funeral was revived, so it may not be rushed to deal with much bodies.

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