A 1 year old boy sticks a key from the eyelid to the brain

Although occasionally I heard the accident that a small child swallowed a key etc. inside the house, it seems that accident happened that the key of the car got stuck from the eyelid to the brain. It seems that my brothers were also nearby, but there was an accident that the eyes of surveillance did not reach and it happened.

I wonder what kind of state the boy was at the time of the accident and whether the boy was saved safely.

Details are from the following.
Toddler makes miraculous recovery after getting key lodged in brain - Telegraph

Nicholas Holderman (1 year old) that the key stuck from the eyelid this time. Nicholas said you put the key of the car in the room when you were playing with your brothers (Caleb and Isaac) in the living room in the gap between the eyelids of the right eye and the eyeball. When listening to the scream of Nicholas and brothers, my parents rushed to the living room and found Nicholas who is locked in the vicinity of his right eye. He soon contacted the doctor and took him to the hospital with a helicopter.

I took an X - ray at a hospital and found that the key of the car reached Nicholas' brain. She said that she had to undergo surgery immediately.

Nicholas's radiographs taken when this was transported to the hospital. You can see that it sticks from around the eyes to the brain.

I think that the operation will be difficult and finish in a short time. It seems to have been thought that obstacles remain in the eyes and the brain, but fortunately it seems that there were no obstacles left anywhere.

Postoperative Nicholas. I do not seem to have any problem feeling it.

Currently Nicholas' eyesight is fully recovered, he seems to live the same way as before the accident.

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