An automobile that danced in the air and pierced the second floor of a private house

It is in Peterborough, EnglandRound aboutThe automobile that caused the accident at that time hit the tree and took off and it seems he stabbed into the building ahead 30 meters ahead. Fire chief, who also went to the scene of the accident, said, "There was a car accident in the building before, but it is the first time to crash into the second floor like this time."

Details are as below.Death-crash car launches off the road and into a first floor flat News This is London

The emergency room rushed to the scene of the accident took Mr. Gordon of the driver outside for 30 minutes, but since he was taken to the hospital because of the injury owed by the accident, he died. Mr. Gordon's son was having a ride together, but he said he survived the wounds.

Prediction of orbit of a car.

The wall will be removed over three hours to remove the car.

It seems that there was nothing injured in the accident as a result of the fact that there were no people on the second floor where the car stabbed.

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