"Moe SD (Moe sensei)" linking MicroSD and Moe character

The three sons of Ultra Upper Zaibatsu suddenly died, their parents died, they will go up with assets up to bad adults. All the relatives who had been pretentious because they are rich girls turned to them like a big pinch. It was only my mentally gentle uncle who picked them up. And my uncle's house was running a small parts store "SAC" in Akihabara. In order to respond to the kindness of a friendly gentleman, we began struggle to unfamiliar selling .... Where, what, what I made a mistake, SAC Co., Ltd. ties MicroSD and Moe character, "cute" "satisfaction of possession In order to provide "the feeling" new MicroSD series "Moe SD" is said to be released.

Some wallpapers for PC are included, everything is entering a different dimension.

Release date, price, images of each character from the following.

2008/11/26 16: 17, SD image of each character and wallpaper sample added
Moe SDweb

Scheduled to be released on Saturday, December 6, 2008, the product specification looks like this.

Model number: MOESD-M01G
Specifications: MicroSD 1GB + SD adapter, wallpaper for the last child PC installed
Sukkon: Nami Nishimoto
Price: 680 yen including tax

Model number: MOESD-M02G
Specifications: MicroSD 2GB + SD adapter, daughter PC wallpaper installed
Second daughter: Nishimoto Reborn
Price: 980 yen including tax

Model number: MOESDH-M04G
Specifications: MicroSDHC 4GB + SD adapter, wallpaper for eldest daughter PC installed
Eldest daughter: Rin Nishimoto
Price: 1480 yen including tax

Sofmap Co., Ltd. with shop frontSofmap dot comAnd that it will be sold at stores in Akihabara.

How much can I sell ... ?.

2008/11/26 18:11 postscript
By the way, the main body and the adapter have become like the following, and it is said that scattering the snow scales up the cute.

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