A cat that should have died in a traffic accident will appear again in front of the owner

There seems to have been an incident that a cat who was thought to have been killed in a traffic accident buried in the grave in the dead body and appeared in front of the owner after nine months.

Somehow Steven King's "Pet cemeteryIt is a story to remind me of what, what on earth is it?

Details are from the following.
Cat killed by car 'comes back to life' nine months after owner buries him | Mail Online

According to this article, redhead cats who seemed to be "Alfie" that had been owned by Angelo Petrillo (39 years old) living in Great Manchester, England in June 2009, had a strong body throughout the angelo house near the road It is said that a friend discovered that he was struck and was dead. Angelo, who heard the news, said he was very sad and took the corpse and buried it in the grave.

Later, the Angelo family moved quickly with Alfie, "Freddie", who was similar to Alfie, but since this month someone who lived in the neighborhood of the former house gave "Alfie-like cat in front of your house I was trying to get in while trying to sing lonely overnight at the same time. " When the Angelo rushed to the previous house at once, it was surely Alfie that there was, it turns out that it was Alfie-like cat that was thought to have been dead in a traffic accident And that.

Alfie who was thought that this was dead in a traffic accident

Mr. Angelo on the right and Brandon, the son on the left.

It is unknown why it has been missing for 9 months, but not being thin or in a healthy state, but it seems that someone has found Alfie lost in the street and has kept it is.

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