A cat trapped in the stairs

It seems that a cat that was trapped with only its head out of the stairs was rescued. A cat that loves narrow spaces, but it seems that if you take your eyes off it, it will be ridiculous.

Details are below.
Cat's ordeal trapped in stairs

The name of the cat that can't get out of the stairs is Sonic. There is a hole in the stairs in the house where Sonic lives, and Sonic had been in and out of the hole since he was a kitten, but since he grew up, he got bigger, so he went inside. It seems that he can no longer go out.

This is Sonic who can't get out of the stairs.

It is completely in a state of neck.

The owner found Sonic who could not get out of the stairs and requested rescue from the fire department. Sonic was rescued by a firefighter who rushed in 40 minutes after the discovery.

Rescue Sonic and firefighter Kelly Mitchell.

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