A hole collapses and it gets buried alive while digging a hole at a sandy beach

There is a possibility that a hole may collapse from the edge when digging a deep hole where the ground is loose and it is very dangerous, but the boy who was digging a hole at the sand beat lost the hole digging and got buried alive That's right.

The boy was buried in a deep hole so that he could hide his head until the head, but I am very anxious that he could escape safely.

Details are from the following.
Teenager suffers hypothermia after trapping himself in eight foot deep hole in sand | Mail Online

James Boyden (17 years old), who was in the state of Rhode Island in the United States of America on a family trip, was digging a hole at the beach, and the hole collapsed and it seems he got buried alive in the hole. The depth of the hole was about 8 feet (about 2 meters 50 centimeters), and it was said that the appearance of James was completely hidden. It seems that James who got buried alive could not move at all and was in an acid deficient state.

When his father ken went to see James, he was worried because James's figure was dug digging up, so I was worried and I found James's head when I dig a place that seemed to have a hole. It seems that James was able to confirm that it was safe because I said "Thank you, father".

James this was buried alive

Supplying oxygen with an oxygen cylinder so as not to suffocate.

After that, the emergency room rushed and it seems that James' rescue operation took place in 2 hours. He seems to have been brought to the hospital immediately after rescue, but it seems there is no other way in life.

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