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Suzuki's best-selling scooter · "Address V 125 G"New color "glass sparkle black" will be added from September 24.

"Disposable two kinds" of displacement of 51 c ~ 125 cc are not subject to the limit of bicycles with prime mover such as 30 km / h restriction or two-step right turn, categories each company is paying attention as a motorcycle for everyday use such as commuters feet. With a 125 cc 4 cycle engine adopting injection system, we have secured loading capacity by adopting a trunk below the helmet seat and rear carriers, while achieving both strong driving performance and low fuel consumption. Moreover, it is a model pursuing the convenience in the town, such as installing a DC socket that can be used for charging the mobile phone etc. below the seat.

So, tomorrowSeptember 1. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on September 1st one year ago.

"About All About" Komeito · Soka Gakkai Kogyo Basic Knowledge 2008 article posted only one day after the posting annihilation of mystery - GIGAZINE

Prime Minister Fukuda resigns from interview at 21:30 - GIGAZINE

Continue "Do not put the Osaka Gas Service Shop home" ~ Have you went to the police ~ - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Yamaha adult music class recommended for those who like Aioi Mio [Keio] - GilCrows Penetrate Talk(Society, a catch phrase of Yamaha advertising only with this place)

Azusa Nakano, Coltrane and Lou Reed and music theory - esu-kei_text(How did you see the sound of rock music from the viewpoint of music, Jazz nakano Azusa?)

Kwai river March - raurublock on Hatena(Culture, "Monkey · Gorilla · Chimpanzee" with lyrics on the March of the Battlefield Bridge) Where and how was born and transmitted?

"North" weapons Ship carrying to Iran, UAE seized: International: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(International, how many dummy companies are involved?)

Tokyo newspaper: Russia, failure of successive experiments Next generation SLBM frustration: International (TOKYO Web)(Military, development failure of SLBM launched from the waters of enemy countries and difficult to intercept greatly damages military competitiveness)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Ministry of Foreign Affairs, executive offices prohibited bringing mobile phones To prevent eavesdropping - politics(IT,"Roving Bug" using microphones of mobile phones for eavesdroppingTo prevent)

Industry first! Latest work information ☆ | miety's LifeDiva(Gadget, this time "Moe dry battery")

Wakayama Electric Railway: Overwhelming cat station chief "Tama" rushes to the destination car - Kishi Station - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(There is no feeling when going by car to go to see the society and station manager)

Damage to cargo: arrest of actor with police box on police box allegedly rider kick - Otsu - everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Society, actor who played the role of Kamen Rider G4, Ryo Karakado kicks the police box and destroys it)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Iguana of the lost article, a man detained at the department "I am," Wakayama - Society(Society, a reunion of a rainbow in a detention place with a master and a pet who have been separated

Suicide at a detention center? Female suspect, mouth and nose patch up: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Society, monitoring was done properly)

【43 years old unemployed woman】 9 o'clock to 22 o'clock Worked · I wrote a name on the roster at work by noon and became a delegate Volume: Birth of Blues(The election, the Democratic Party seems to have gathered candidates randomly at this election)

Japan is awesome (; ゚ Д ゚) TBS's on-screen telop is interesting(Election, the path of e-mails is amazing)

Sankei Shinbun Social Club (SankeiShakaibu) on Twitter(Reporters' tweets on elections, election press coverage are boring)

Hiroki Takagi @ Diary of Home - Daisuke Tsuda's Sluggish Review Part 1, Postscript (30th)(Security, "I am sorry that" Is this a professional ethic of Japanese journalists? ")

World clerk: Thieves gather information on target with SNS, insurance company urges caution - every day jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Net, an entry that informs you where you are in real time is dangerous)

Naturally!? News website If you charge it "Do not read" 96% also: RBB NAVi (broadband content search service) 2009/08/31(There may be times when it takes too much time and effort to pay the net)

Domestic market size of digital contents increased by 5.9% from the previous year to 5.8964 trillion yen: News - CNET Japan(Note, the market size of the content industry has decreased by 2.6% from the previous year to 13,328.2 billion yen)

Reading public opinion survey data to verify "reading apart" lies (3) arrival of reading differential society - 2009/09/02 - sunset with books and bookstores - comprehensive book bulletin(Culture, I just ceased to read books and books just ceased to sell)

50.9% of the experience of searching products from blog introduction articles - INTERNET Watch(Net, detailed review articles are considered to have considerable demand)

Difference between Netbook and Notebook PC - Fuzzy Border: Special Report - CNET Japan(Definition of hardware and netbook is very arbitrary, there is no clear difference from notebook)

SOFTBANK "S-1 Battle", August COWCOW Yoshi won 10 million yen! - Digital - Nikkei Trendy Net(Entertainment, winning with the story called "tennis scorer John" which turns the panel while holding a unique song)

Hair Styling Comprehensive Size ※ Only to the nameless handsome: Alfalfa mosaic(Fashion, basic skill collection of hair styling for people who wish to start from today)

"Hold on gold", how to increase money and time - [About About Money] All About(It is necessary to grasp the memo, money that can be used freely and freely available time and analyze how it is used)

Do not carry over tired! Seven methods to wake up neatly - [fatigue recovery method] All About(Health law, easy to wake up easily in a simple way)

DS x Dragon Quest has decided extension on Mac! What is the new item? - Tokyo Walker(9 types of "Wedding Items" such as games and bouquets are delivered)

Officially announced "Michael Sterling" Loss checking station - MSN Sankei News(Officially announced a statement concluding that the cause of international sudden death is "killing" by overdosing multiple drugs including powerful anesthetic agent protofol)

Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson Specialty Store "KING OF POP" Open / BARKS News(Memo, Japan's first Michael Jackson specialty store open for a limited time from August 29, tailored to Michael's birthday)

URAMAYU - Back Mayu -: Bicycle commuting lecture for girls(Procedure such as social, convenience of electric bicycle and insurance)

The 12th "Bra River willow" selection prize announcement "Raise with support rate of falling bosom at bra" etc. Diet · Esthe · Beauty Oricon ranking(Memo, the youngest is 10 years old, and the oldest is 92 years old) From the broad generation, Kawagaya reflecting the society is gathered from the theme of the brassiere.

Nori Pi is "a can ready lady"? Catch copy of a funny old idol | trend | free video GyaO [gao] |(Entertainment, Noriko Sakai seems to pass (meaning it is active and somewhat light)

Misunderstanding of historical premarital negotiations as seen in "crawling in the night" - Men's chiso(History, rules are decided for crawling, it was never done in an orbit)

Chocolate Lab Kit Cut | Put the feelings I want to tell on kit kit(Pre-opened tomorrow from September 1, at a site where you can create and purchase original kit cuts that printed pictures, illustrations, messages on package, package)

Biofuel refining from Chinese Newspaper Udon Juice(Science, Kagawa prefecture seems to become a big fuel refining plant in my eyes)

Wheat bran has no effect on constipation, research report International News: AFPBB News(Reports that insoluble dietary fiber, which is hardly soluble in water contained in medical treatment and wheat bran, is useless for relieving constipation, or even even worse)

Next-generation power generation, is the coal? : Nikkei Business Online(Science, it will be a promising and inexpensive energy source if it can clear even harmful substances generated at burning)

I could see the shape of organic molecules with a microscope! - Chemist's Tweet - Chem-Station-(Science, I think that things that human beings can not do are less likely to be less)

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