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I did a questionnaire survey to see if I had lunch with my colleague or seniors at lunch time at work,About 46% of respondents said "frequently", less than halfIt seems. On the other hand, there are nearly 20% who answered "not at all", so many people use break time as their own time. Among those who do not eat with colleagues and others, there are opinions such as "Because no one is invited" or "Because it is not fun to eat together", there are also people who lose their whereabouts in the company I will.

Also, many women feel that they want to eat with their colleagues, and it is clear that there are many people who emphasize women "communication" and "information exchange".

So, tomorrowJune 9. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on June 9th one year ago.

"Kuririn no Kotoka" which forcibly converts input characters to unit symbols etc - GIGAZINE

I tried thoroughly verifying whether popcorn can be made with cell phone electromagnetic waves - GIGAZINE

Wolf man study set by a man whose wife was killed - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Stir-fried chicken thigh meyo-pon vinegared with "rice taste too" and bean curd with leek currant salad lunch - a diary diary: Hatena Kyoto office's pretty recipe is on sale!(Cooking, tofu 's grasshopper salad is perfect for summer)

NHK tomorrow's Japan: progress in low income generation, 35-year-old household average income is 4 million yen units: 2009: Thinking TODAY: Column: News & opinion: Mitsubishi Research Institute(Society, the number of people with an annual income of 7 million yen in 1997 was the largest, but at present there are the most 4 million people)

I think it would be better to create a special shop of "Ota fashion" - machine(We propose shops that are easy to get into geeks such as "Memo," Clerks are not too fashionable "" Clerks do not talk to me ")

Utada Hikaru can not tolerate humiliation live in the US! Is it? Tearful effort | Back art(It seems that they are doing activities like booming idols like entertainment, showing songs at the entrance space of the electric appliance stores in the city and supermarket plazas etc.)

There is no way to use the right budget as "Anime Hall of Fame" Internet - Latest news: IT-PLUS(Since the anime, animation and manga are now representative of contemporary Japanese culture, the opinion that the country should use the budget to maintain this culture)

Walkman Sony "Bio Battery" Research Working on Coke - ITmedia News(Hardware, it seems to be thinking about application to electric vehicles in future)

Tetris 25th anniversary and the Google logo also like Tetris style - ITmedia News(I did not know whether it was the Internet, the Google logo)

Experimental survival rate increased by 70% What is bifidobacteria that is less likely to be infected with influenza? | Trend | Free Videos GyaO [Gao] |(Health, if you regularly take Bifidobacteria of the type "BB 536", it seems that immune function increases and it is less likely to affect influenza)

Want to line up with queues is the habit of Japanese people? Matrix can be created ○○ summary | trend | free video GyaO [gao] |(Memo, it seems that there are many people attacked by the intimidating intimidation that the Kanto people from "the Kansai people" may not be left out from around "if they do not line up)

Successful product best condition! What is "Improvement of Surprise" of Impact - Tokyo Walker(Note, foot peeling championships done on the official page of the commodity "baby foot" that removes horny quadruped feet)

Many cold days this year!? Q & A on "rainy season" - Tokyo Walker(It seems there is no standard of weather, especially rainy season and rainy season)

Actress · Aya Sugimoto speaks, What is love philosophy that captivates men ... ....: Saizo woman(Entertainment, what seems to be important is "I can be with that person with confidence"

New landmark in Kyoto! I went to 'cafe tea detective' Excite news(Tourism, as long as you see it in the photo a little occult atmosphere is also being developed)

'Memorandum' technology that can be used immediately by negotiation | Negotiation skill training drills to control opponents as desired | Diamond Online(Work technique, choosing which one is the correct way to take notes from 5 choices)

If it is the same size low-priced items are great deals! "Smart Purchase Law" of Television with Eco Points | Digital Trend Communication Toda Akira | Diamond Online(Shopping, ordinary points will decrease in proportion to the point number as the actual selling price goes down, but the eco point is fixed with respect to the size, so if the same size, the cheap model of the actual selling price is better)

Children and animals point!? EW magazine announces, "Twilight movies 25": movie news - if movies eiga.com(Movie, 1st place "Days of love and remembrance" 2nd "Bambi" etc.)

I will ask again about "no-rice" | Excite News(It is better for the environment because less energy to process into rice-free rice than eating rice grise of rice, sewage is treated)

Mizu Osaka's river to the Milky Way - 20 thousand light balls are released on Tanabata night - Umeda economic newspaper(Memo,A strong posterThe mysterious campaign "Water Metropolis Osaka" that became a hot topic on the whole was gradually becoming obvious.)

Mobile net What kind of person is junkie? [Research]: MarkeZine (Marketzine)(Memo, people called mobile phone net junkies have high information sensitivity, they seem to be browsing mobile sites almost every day)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): live bullet in NHK Hiroshima? The enveloping envelope "red report" reaches the printed paper - society(The case, the envelope has postmarked "Osaka" on June 5th and it is investigating the relation with the case where live ammunition arrived at each NHK station such as Sapporo, Nagano, Fukuoka)

Surveillance of 'school back' site, municipalities leaving private sector successively ... teacher busy: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(There is opinion that society, "It is important for students to feel what the teacher is seeing, can not throw a private circle)

New Influx: Fictional story of new drug development, etc ... Signs of vicious commercial law rampant - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Fraud, the National Life Center calls attention that there is a possibility of further sophistication in the fall this autumn is anticipated)

269 ​​people with the worst morning illness at work - MSN Sankei News(Society, 66 people who are the second most frequently certified suicide including attempted, of which 64 are male)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): All-Star Fan Voting Intermediate Announcement Tanaka, Pa Leading Premiership - Sports(Otake of Hiroshima Carpe is the leader of baseball and Se · League pitcher)

Kitaro's new workshop story show, at Shige Mizuki's Karasato: News: Entertainment: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(A memorandum, a story based on human environmental destruction)

Source of creation is "Sailor Moon"!? "Terminator 4" pre-release: movie news - eiga.com if you are a movie(A movie, a small joke of Mc G, the director)

Cannabis cultivation on the roof of a cram school | Domestic | Reuters(Narcotics, stating that "I brought up to suck oneself")

Current affairs dot com: Low price salad introduction of 105 yen = Lawson(3 kinds of meals, "green salad" "salad with wakame and steamed chicken" and "potato salad")

"Blood of Bahamut" 2nd experience trial held decision SQUARE ENIX members started recruiting monitors - Famitsu.com(Game, only 5 groups ten people are recruited)

Ichiro 4's 2! First league batting leaders this season Top leaders: MLB: Sports notification(Baseball, even number of hits a closer to one leader to the top of the league)

Free bit, low cost video camera specialized for web publishing - AV Watch(Hardware, iPod-like design)

A model of "Spirited Away"? Starting a day-trip plan at Shikayukan in Shima Onsen | Life | My comic journal(Travels, hot spring building with more than 300 years built)

"Evolution of altruistic behavior in battle": Analysis with computer model | WIRED VISION(Organism, "If altruism leads the group to victory of the battle, altruistic behavior is strongly supported")

Cocorico Endo, Chiaki nominated as "good" - Entertainment News: nikkansports.com(Entertainment, completely reticentized)

America's genius boy who graduated from college at the age of 11 "TV games are a waste of time" - Game * Spark(Memo, a genius boy who is also good at martial arts to win at the world convention)

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