A woman who had just awaited a funeral in the couple's room survived the miracle


A woman who had just waited for the setup of the funeral in the spirit room drove her breath and began to survive. As might be expected"Survival strategy"Although it did not rise up swiftly while shouting, the doctor could not believe anyway because he was resurrected until he breathed from a state without pulsation, and it is said that the woman's daughter who became the first discoverer It seems that he jumped out to suspicion.

Brazilian woman found alive in morgue by daughter | News.com.au

Brazilian woman in her 60's who was hospitalized with pneumonia received a death judgment from his doctor without treatment. My doctor is hervital signsIt was confirmed that it was gone, it was judged dead after other inspections.

The woman stayed in a plastic bag for at least two hours in the spirit room, to contain the body. Rosangela Celestrino, a rushing woman's daughter, hugged her mother for the final embrace, but at that time I felt the mother breathing and I went outside and said "My mother is alive!" I shouted out loud.

Everyone who came running after hearing the cry said that he gave her a gaze as if he thought that Mr. Rosangela had lost her sense. However, it is true that the woman breathed back again, she said she was immediately put on the life support device and returned to the treatment room again.

In the unlikely event that my daughter did not hold a hug, there was a possibility that the funeral would be promoted while living, and there is no other saying that it was really lucky that I did not do so.

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