A woman who was thought to have died, resuscitation 10 minutes after removing the life support device

In a West Virginia hospital, a woman who was thought to have died because the heart stopped three times and the electroencephalogram stopped for 17 hours seems to have breathed out after 10 minutes of removing the life support apparatus. Although it is likely to remain in the after effects, it is not miraculously affected by anything, and it seems that women will recover soon.

Details are as follows.
ABC News: Nearly Dead, Woman Comes Back to Life

Velma Thomas felt a sign of a heart attack, so she was transported to the hospital by an ambulance. She stopped the heart three times and the brain wave stopped for 17 hours. To help Velma's life, the doctor tried all kinds of hands, such as lowering body temperature and stimulating the brain until it developed hypothermia, but unfortunately it did not reach resuscitation. Velma's ventilator was removed and the family left home to prepare for the funeral with farewell to Velma.

However, it seems that Velma woke up when a nurse tried to remove a tube 10 minutes after medical staff removed Velma's respirator. When she first moved her arms, everyone thought this was a reflection or something, but eventually Velma moved her arms and legs and started talking and talking.

When I told you good-bye, there was no heartbeat, so Tim, my son, said he thought he was no good. Because Velma had offered to provide donors, it seemed that it was late to have the respirator disconnected, and having a donor card is believed to have resulted in saving lives.

The doctor says Velma is almost a miracle that he almost resurrected from the same state of death.

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