"IPhone 5" Finally is showing off, Apple will hold an event

"Release is September", and this time, "Release will be October", andOctober 7th is the release dateThat's why Apple 's trend is drawing attentionIPhone 5It will finally be announced.

Apple Officially Announces iPhone Event: October 4 | TechCrunch

Apple announces iPhone 5 event for Oct. 4

Tech CrunchYaTHE LoopAccording to local media such as local media, we received an invitation from Apple "I will do a new iPhone announcement event on October 4". It seems that "Let's talk iPhone" was written in the invitation card. Event start time is local time at 10 am on October 4. It is 2 o'clock in the morning of October 5 when you fix it to Japan time.

The story that there is an announcement on October 4 is "Apple will hold the next event on Tim Cook's new CEO on 4th OctoberIt is calledAllThingsDAlthough it was touched in the article of, it is that this was true.

Around the iPhone 5, there are many users who are waiting for the appearance yet, and there seems to be few users who are sticking with iPhone 3GS for iPhone 5. There is a story saying that KDDI will be on sale in the domestic yet undetermined, and it is said that the release time is in November after 2012.

Is this "new iPhone" the iPhone 5, or is it"Bargain edition iPhone 4" rumored to be released soonI do not know if it is, but I'm looking forward to being able to see the new iPhone anyway.

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