A boy trapped in a crane game

It seems that a 3 - year - old boy was trapped in a crane game packed with character prizes. His grandmother who was surprised to find Robert in the game machine says "I thought the heart would stop".

Details are as below.For SpongeBob, 3-year-old sacrifices freedom (at least temporarily) - USATODAY_com

3-year-old boy Robert Moore-kun is an anime in a crane game "SpongebobFailure in trying to take the prize of ". My first grandmother lost a change, so his grandmother put Robert and went to exchange money. Meanwhile, Robert said she took off her coat and got into the game machine from the place where the prize comes out.

Robert who is likely to be buried in a stuffed doll.

Because the shop employee could not find the key of the gaming machine, Robert was to be locked in until fire brigade arrived, but it seemed like I could have had a good time hugging a lot of prizes in it is.

When the fire brigade arrived, I tried rescuing by destroying the key, but since there was also a latch inside the case where Robert's entered, Robert would escape on his own by using the passed driver It was. He was able to return home safely, but it seems that he could not take the prize of Sponge Bob after all.

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