The man who sent his daily life without noticing that his back was stabbed with a knife

A drunken man in Russia got a quarrel with his colleague, and he seems to have been stabbed with a knife on his back.

Even that alone is tough enough, but the man who was stabbed did not notice that he was stabbed, and he said he was having everyday life.

Details are as below.
Russian drunk man, not noticing the knife stuck in his back International news: AFPBB News

According to this article, a 53-year-old electrician who works at a factory in Russia's capital Moscow was drunking with a colleague who is in charge of security officers, a drunk and quarreled with a colleague 15 cm knife He seems to have been stabbed in the back.

The stabbed man got drunk while being knocked on his back and fell asleep at the factory and woke up the next morning and went back to work but was not awakened but was ordered to go back to his boss, but he is mild over the bus I got home after taking a meal. And when I was sleeping at home, my wife who came to wake me noticed the knife stuck in his back.

Although it is about the reason why he was safe despite being stabbed, according to the doctor who consulted it seems that the knife who was stuck in his back fortunately did not reach an important organ. Incidentally, a colleague who stabbed may possibly be charged with assault.

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