A man who enters sewage himself and can not escape

Only a face from the shoulder appeared on the road and it seems that there was a man who was unable to go out. He seems to have become a picture like the above picture for his acquaintance, but why did this situation happen?

Details are as follows.
Drain drama as man gets stuck fishing for friend's dropped keys | Mail Online

Mr. Graham Todd (32) living in the UK got her key to the sewer on the shoulder because her acquaintance woman Ann Marie Jones opened the lid of the sewer to take the key is. However, only the head of the inside entered the state of going outside, and it became impossible to go out, not to look for the key. The neighboring residents who saw this situation laughed at him and he said that Graham was treated as an exhibit.

Mr. Graham who could not get out of the drain pipe

Even if you try to leave, you can only have a head and one arm.

Neighborhood residents are trying to help Mr. Graham, but they can not go out and eventually they were rescued by firefighters. After all it was impossible to find the key of an acquaintance, and his efforts were in vain.

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