A naked man appears in the streets, but the police can not arrest due to too bad feelings

The police told the scene that there was a naked man in the city called Grodno in the Republic of Belarus, but the police rushed to the scene, but he could not arrest him because of the bad feeling of a man, and the town seems to be making a noise. The police did not disapprove of being a man, let alone the man did not like to get on a police car, it seems that it was in a state where it could not be handled anyhow.

Pictures of the site are as follows.
English Russia Harass the Police

Although the police rushed to hear the report saying that the naked man was wandering, the policeman is Tajitazi because he is too bad.

Policemen do not want to touch this guy, so they can not be arrested easily.

The man tries to ride a police car from himself, but because he does not want a police car to ride it, the police will tell him "Please leave him tired".

I do not know what to do with a naked man ...

It seems that it was eventually to be carried by an ambulance.

Let's not think of saying "You can not be arrested when you are naked."

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