A missing girl is found in a suitcase

A three - year - old girl was investigated as if she was missing, and as a result it was said that there was an event that it was actually only sleeping in the suitcase that was in the house. The father who informed the police seemed to have searched for girls many times to every corner of the house including the suitcase but he did not find it.

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'Missing' three-year-old found at home asleep in suitcase | Mail Online

On July 7, Austen Hapenga said that three years old daughter Muumbe was missing from the house, so he searched many times in every corner of the room such as in the cupboard or under the bed, but he could not find it anywhere That's right. Austen thought that something had happened to Muumbe and reported to the police. It seems that neighboring residents also decided to search for Muumbe together.

The investigation was big enough for helicopters equipped with thermal detection cameras to go out, but two hours after the investigation began, Muumbe who slept happily in the suitcase that was in the bedroom was discovered It is said that. Austen also searched many times in the suitcase, but he said he did not notice because he was hiding under the overlapping clothes.

Muumbe and Austen.

The investigation came to an end at 4 am when Muumbe was found, and Mr Grace, who was on duty afterwards, said that there was a report. Neighbor Nicola Johnson (21) commented, "The sight that neighboring people are searching for neighborhoods was abnormal, but it was good because it ended in a happy ending."

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