Technology to create high-speed high-end SSD with inexpensive flash memory appeared

Although it is a storage device "SSD" that uses flash memory that is expected as an alternative recording medium to HDD, SSD had a problem that performance varies depending on the type of flash memory being used.

But finally it seems that a new technology to make high-speed SSD with inexpensive flash memory has appeared.

Details are as below.
Fusion-io Developers a new class of Enterprise MLC

According to this release, SSD maker Fusion-io seems to have developed technology to realize high-performance SSD at low cost.

In flash memory, by recording 1 bit of data in one cell, it is possible to realize a high transfer rate, instead of "SLC (single level cell)" with low cost performance and one with low cost Although there is one of "MLC (multi-level cell)" which realized high cost performance and recording capacity by increasing the number of bits that can be recorded in a cell, the newly developed technology is MLC flash memory which is close to SLC Realize "SMLC"something like.

SSD adopting "SMLC" supports RAID, PCI-Express connection and advanced error correction function as compared with the conventional, SSD does not deviate the deterioration of the flash memory partly, it makes it high uniformity It is said that it realizes sex. It is said that this makes it possible to create SSD with high performance while maintaining high cost performance and high capacity of MLC.

In addition, the SSD of the 160 GB model and the 320 GB model adopting this technology will be released in the future.

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