An 8-year-old son informed me that my mother is driving for drunk driving

A woman driving in drinking and driving in Washington state was arrested by a police officer rushed to by the report. It was her 8 - year - old son who wrote the report and he was calling from the interior of the car during drunk driving.

Details are as follows.
Vancouver-area mom arrested after son calls 911 about her driving | Local News | | News for Seattle, Washington

"I do not know where I am right now, but my mother is not normal" to the emergency call center in Washington State, it was Saturday that the boy reported. The operator asked if there was a landmark on the boy, but the problem mother Paulette Lynn Spears told the boy to pick up the phone and tell the operator not to worry, the phone has run out.

Immediately the boy called back, but again Spears interferes. There seems to be at least two disturbances at a time, but it is seen that one bit has bitten in the hand to pick up the phone.

Eventually, we tracked the location information from the mobile phone with GPS, and a few minutes after Spears arrived at the fire department, the police arrived and she was arrested. The 8 - year - old boy who reported and her 5 - year - old brother was taken to my aunt. As of Monday, Spears is under investigation about drunk driving and attacks against children, but at least the record seems to indicate that her drunk driving is no doubt.

It is a terrible mother to ride with two children and drive for drunk driving, but the child who reported it is a fine one.

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