85 year old grandmother succeeded in striking a robbery with a 22 caliber revolver

An 85 - year - old woman found a robber that had invaded her home, pushed a gun and called 911 and succeeded in arresting the police.

Details on what kind of circumstances were possible with the circumstances are as follows.
Pistol-packing woman, 85, forces intruder to call 911: Nation: The Rocky Mountain News

The incident occurred in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States. 85-year-old Leda Smith noticed that someone had invaded the house on Monday afternoon, remembered that the neighbor's house had been pushed a few weeks ago and hid it in her bed22 caliberofrevolverI took it. She is heading for an unidentified robbery

"What are you doing at my house?"

It was said. Then,

"I have not done anything yet!"

He said that he continued to say. The identity of this robber is a 17 - year - old boy. The old woman was turning his gun at a 17-year-old robbery until the state police arrived at the grandmother's home in Spring Hill County District, about 45 miles south of Pittsburgh.

With this, nobody can say that it is impossible to lick lick by saying "Because I am old".

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