A man claiming that the driver who was speeding off over the limit speed of 80 km / speed was Santa

Speaking of Santa Claus' rides, the image of reindeer sled is strong, but the owner of the car who took a picture by the speed camera seems to claim that "the driver was Santa." If it is truly Santa, it seems that normal traffic laws can not be applied, but let's see what kind of insistence it is.

Details are as below.BBC News - Police told Santa driving speeding car in Deeside

According to this article, it was taken by the speed camera that it was traveling at a speed of about 127 km / h at the time limit of about 48 km, and Paul Ellard, the owner of the car, was called to court. However, Ellard said that he rewritten the documents to be submitted to the court, saying, "The driver was Santa instead of himself, and the one on board was not a car but a sled."

A speed camera that took a violation.

The owner of the problem car has changed many times, the prosecutors said that "it is possible to identify who the driver was and there is no information to prosecute." It is said that Ellard is the owner when photographed by a speed camera, he said "The driver lives in Santa's house in the North Pole, where it is freezing cold, there are many fairies It is said.

Although Ellard was not charged with speeding charges, he seems to be charged with saying that he did not put out enough information on who was speeding up.

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