Discovering "Wally looking" worried person in "Google Maps Street View"

When I was a little picture book "Search WallyThough he often searched for a warrior who is misunderstood in the crowd,Google Street ViewIt looks like a warry-like person was found. He is not aware of Google's camera, or is walking in the city of New York normally.

Details are from the following.Google Street View Strikes! | Google, Google Maps, Where's Waldo | gigglesugar - Funny Videos & Humor.

Wally discovery.

I tried arranging whether it was genuine or not. I can not judge whether this is genuine or not.

Wally is a place where you can get confused by crowds, but he is walking along the street by himself, and this is just saying "Please find". Unfortunately it is unknown whether he intentionally made such a dress like a Wally.

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