A medal is awarded to a 7-year-old boy who defended his sister who was about to be raped and died

She protected her sister who was raped in Russia and received a medal for a boy who lost his life. It is said that there was a recommendation that the prosecutor's investigative chief should give a medal to the courage of the boy.

Details are as below.
RT: Russian News: Boy who died saving sister from rapist awarded

Evgeny Tabakov-kun is a 7-year-old boy who lived in Noginsk, Moscow State. While I was staying at home with my 12-year-old sister Yana, my 33-year-old man, Sergey Kiyashko, who failed to find a job, invaded the room to take a burglary. Sergey threatened the two with a knife and requested to put on the gold eye, because Yana was caught by Sergey, Evgeny decided to go looking for money.

But then Sergey started to undress Yana's clothes. Evgeny, who witnessed it, ran to the kitchen, grabbed the knife and pierced Sergey 's waist. As a result Yana could escape, Angry Sergey was attacking Evgeny kun with his own knife, he said he stabbed his back eight times. After that, Sergey was caught, Evgeny-kun was brought to the hospital, but Evgeny decided to die.

And it seems that the government gave "Order of Courage" to Evgeny's behavior. Mr. Andrey Bastrykin, the investigative chairman of the prosecutor, said at the award ceremony, "It was a shocking tragedy even for officials of prosecutors facing death every day." School which Evgeny passed passed also promised to leave the story of Evgeny in the lobby to commemorate and said that the desk which Evgeny used was used only for the first student in school.

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