An elementary school teacher tells the student that "Santa does not exist" and is fired

It seems that the elementary school teacher who told the students that "Santa Claus does not exist" during classes has been dismissed. Though I do understand what Santa does not exist from a young age, it is something I should not say it from the mouth of an adult.

Let's see how it says that Santa does not exist during class.

Details are from the following.
Primary school teacher who told children: 'Santa does not exist' is fired | Mail Online

The extraordinary teacher who was in charge of the first grade class at the Blackshaw Lane elementary school in Manchester, England, was inadvertently trying to keep a fuss because the students became noisy with the topic of Santa Claus during the class"It is parents who give us a Christmas present, Santa does not exist"I heard he said that.

Children who were told that Santa was not at that time cried, seemed to have returned home and telled their parents about it. Complaints came immediately to elementary school, and letters were sent from school to parents to punish temporary teachers. It seems that some families have commented "I want you to stop taking malicious attitudes like this one".

The primary school side announced the factual dismissal declaration that the temporary teacher "will never hire a temporary teacher who caused the problem twice". However, he said he did not mention this incident deeply. The female teacher who was virtually dismissed from the primary school of Blackshaw Lane still seems to be registered in the teacher dispatch organization and to be sent to other schools.

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