Infants with Asperger's syndrome are expelled in class voting

There seem to be a boy who was banished from the class by a classmate's vote at a kindergarten in Port St. Lucie in the USA. The exiled boy's name is Alex Burton (5 years old). What on earth is it?

Details are from the following.Teacher lets Morningside students vote out classmate, 5: St. Lucie County: TCPalm

Alex's homeroom teacher heard that Alex's bad reputation among classmates and voted to whether it would be expelled from the class or not. As a result, Alex was supposed to be exiled with 14 to 2 favor. I am still under diagnosis, but Alex is characterized by obstacle of interpersonal relationshipAsperger's syndromeThere seems to be a sign of symptoms, often causing antisocial behavior.

Alex mother tried to file a complaint, but it seems that complaints are difficult because it does not meet the criteria of emotional child abuse. Is it to give priority to public interest rather than individual human rights?

Alex seemed to have been very shocked because there was no subjective symptoms, but that he never came to kindergarten afterwards.

During the three years of kindergarten enrollment, there seems to be no particular problem in the first two years, but what began triggering antisocial behavior by the trigger?

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