A girl student who witnessed a classmate sex act in a school bus, being punished for the crime "I did not tell the teacher soon"

A pretty messy incident that a girl student who witnessed a classmate who had sex acted in a school bus had been punished for the reason "I did not tell the teacher soon" happened in the state of Ohio, USA It was.

It is surprising that students who did sexual activity are ordinarily punished and they will be punished in the school bus which other students are also getting into with in the first place, but it is surprising how the witnesses are punished Is it ...?

The school side wanting to sympathize with the girl who witnessed sexual activity is as follows.Girl punished for not reporting sex on school bus

A 14 - year - old girl attending a school in Ohio states that she did not report to the faculty immediately, despite witnessing her classmates in sexual activity during the school 's trip in school buses, The formal party to be held at the end "promIt was forbidden to attend to "What a mysterious punishment was given.

According to her mother, Saundra Roundtree, she exchanged a seat with a classmate in a school bus while traveling, and then he noticed that two classmates were performing sex acts.

As soon as she got home she talked to her mother what she saw, but he did not say to school officials such as teachers and friends. Because if you learn that she told the school, she thought that she might be bullied by a classmate who is a party. The other person who was afraid of retaliation was a boys student and seems to have been afraid to be afraid of not knowing what to do.

After that, the school side who knew one case of sexual activity informed the mother, "I will not let your daughter participate in a picnic where everyone in the class will go next time with Prom at the end of the term." The mother said, "It is wrong to punish my daughter like this, so it seems the girl is saying that she should have kept silent without talking about what he witnessed honestly," I am dissatisfied with it.

She seems to be afraid that boy students are still being bullied by the male students of the party, so there is no need to forbid participation in recreation from the school side, and there is fear in the schooling itself, the final of the semester It seems that studying at home is also considered for the lesson of the week.

It is unknown whether the students of the party received any disposition.

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