My husband reveals the result that my wife is busy making people live healthier

When examining the trends of stress hormones secreted by a family with a couple working together in their daily lives, the husband says that it is healthy that the wife is busy with housework etc. .

As men tend to be relaxed when they are alone at home, it seems that the wife's banging is rather calm, but my wife also has a stress hormone when her husband is doing housework It is said that it is thought that it is not easy for couples to come to relax at the same time because it is said to have declined .... It is content to make me think.

The results of detailed investigation of stress in family life and the analysis of each expert who received it are as follows.Men relax best when wives are busy -

In a family with a couple working together, my wife tends to decrease the stress level as my husband helps with housework, while my husband has revealed the research result that my husband can relax more as busy as my wife is doing housework It was.

This study was conducted at a research facility targeting daily life in the home of the University of California Los Angeles from 2004 to 2006. The study was conducted on 30 couples living in Los Angeles with daily behavior and stress hormone The transition was recorded.

By the way, most couples lived with 2 or 3 children. On average, 13 years have passed since marriage, the average age is 41 years old. The couple's behavioral investigation period was 4 days, and it took place on the 2nd and 2nd holiday on weekdays.

Although it seems to be short as a result of listening for 4 days, the contents of the investigation is that of adrenocortical hormone secreted in response to stressCortisolIn order to measure, we asked the examinee to prepare a sample of the liquid for every 10 minutes, verify the value of cortisol against the action of the day based on the video tape which collected it and recorded it It takes a lot of time and trouble. I did an interview separately and heard about the health condition of each person.

Higher cortisol values ​​are considered stressful situations and affect sleep, weight, and immune system work. In this case, based on the judgment that the value of cortisol drops sharply is more healthy, we analyze the numerical value focusing on what kind of cortisol value will decline after work did.

Then, regardless of gender and woman, when doing many domestic work at home, the value of cortisol measured at the end of the day showed high numerical value. When I look at trends by gender, my wife said that Cortisol's value remained healthy when her husband was actively doing housework. From the husband 's side, it seems that there was a tendency that the value of cortisol decreases when there is free time when the wife is doing housework and not having much leisure time.

"Unlike the research that collects the data obtained by self-report of subjects that had been done so far, this stress study is done directly by observing subjects.The biological stress level is over about a week It is also the result of measuring and integrating a huge amount of information, "Elinor Ochs, an anthropologist who is the leader of the research facility, argues that this research is excellent.

In the past research carried out at the facility, there was a result that the stress received at work should be solved by relaxing at home and seeing television or being absorbed in hobbies. The result of this time may be said that the stress level at home was revealed to be greatly influenced by the situation of housework or partner.

"Men liked to be alone in their own room when they returned home, while women often stayed with their children after returning home, and, interestingly, when they were at home alone, men and women There was a tendency to go to domestic affairs regardless of whether men are relaxing when they are mostly alone, "Ochs added.

Darby Saxbe, the first author of this study, who has a doctorate in psychology at the University of Southern California, said, "As peace of mind is ensured by someone doing housework work instead It is thought that the partner can rest from the bottom of my heart for the first time that my husband is helping the child's homework and seeing his wife folding the laundry. " It is.

Also, Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, who is studying psychiatry and psychology at Ohio State Medical College's Behavioral Medicine Institute, saw the results of this research, "When men are most stressful when they are not involved with their families, I am able to solve the analysis result "is derived. Mr. Glaser says, "My husband is not involved with my family, my wife is saying that" My husband's help is not necessary. "As my wife is busy, my husband is free You can spend your time. "

However, for the value of cortisol, which was used as the basis for the study, because Dario Maestripieri professor of Ohio University varies depending upon the high and low personal value of "cortisol, from the firmly established the base line, so it's important to measure the upper and lower. It does not mean that the value of cortisol is high, that is, unhealthy. "

In a recent similar study, it seems that there is also a result that my wife actively performs housework, and my husband has a strong tendency to spend my free time in the meantime.

It seems that it is an eternal task to see how couples face housework.

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