Nintendo's new hard "Super Super Nintendo" packed with gamer's delusion

The world's largest game trade fair to be held from June 7 to 9"E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo)"soAnnouncement that Nintendo announces new hardware(PDF), an image of "Super Super Nintendo" which overseas gamers inflated the delusion very much with excitement was posted.

For details about "Super Super Nintendo" which has a part to sympathize with this gamer, please see below.My Dream for Nintendo Stream from

According to leaked information, Nintendo's plan on new hardware development"Project Cafe"It is called the stage where the rumors are still flying about the details. Gamer Seth Macy who thought about "Super Super Nintendo" this time is reminded of the atmosphere just before the release of Super Nintendo at the time when he was a junior high school student, looking at the current situation.

Macy thought, "What kind of game machine would it be?" I remembered,Backward compatibility with GameCube on WiiIs mounted,Game Boy Advance in Nintendo DSIt was made compatible with. He could not stop the delusion of "Super Super Nintendo where all the game software that he owns can play" any longer.

Regarding the hardware of Nintendo released so far, it is possible to operate the software as a program itself, but in order to load cartridge type software, it is necessary to have a port corresponding to each. So he thought of a compatible machine with ports corresponding to each hard released from Nintendo.

Mr. Macy thought that "I want to make it possible to launch the hardware of a new model that will not be released,DreamcastYaAtari seriesI also attached the port for the other, and here the strongest "Super Super Nintendo" he thought appeared.

◆ Super Super Nintendo Entertainment Hardware Compatible
·NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)※ Overseas version Family Computer
·SNES (Super NES)* Overseas version Super Nintendo Entertainment System
·Nintendo GameCube
·Game Boy
·Gameboy Advance
·SEGA GENESIS (mega drive)
·Atari Jaguar (Atari Jaguar)
·Atari Lynx (Atari · Links)
·Atari 2600
·5 inch floppy disk
·3.5 inch floppy disk
Family computer disk systemIsIt was not released outside of Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

In addition Macy's delusions are puffing up, and Wii requires each controller to play past hard games, as was necessary for playing GameCube software to play GameCube software I thought that the specification was not good and thought about a controller with a touch screen that any one of the games could play with it.

We incorporate the elements of the controller of each game machine, of course the connection is wireless. Touch panels also become game screens, it is possible to take this alone and play outside.

Super Nintendo's controller's specifications
· 3 joysticks
· "Bad baby gets broken" with LCD touch panel screen
· Battery that can be charged continuously and can be used for up to 90 minutes
·Family computer robotAppearance that followed
"Only" Weight: 14.5 pounds (about 6.5 kg)
· "Only" price: 399.99 dollars (about 32,600 yen)

In addition to this, Macy thinks Nintendo is disregarding the online fan club and thinks about opening a new Nintendo fan club. Here you can share information with colleagues about Nintendo games, find friends who play games together, and be able to resurrect the youthful age when the game was born.

In any case, Macy is concerned about the situation where Xbox, Sony, and Nintendo's fans interdigitate each other, so that the newly emerging Nintendo's hardware is incredibly revolutionary and wonderful " I am hoping that the days when I play games have the same meaning as "Nintendo (NES)" will revive.

Although Mr. Macy seems to be a considerable Nintendo follower, the appearance of new hardware is exciting without being a believer. What will Nintendo's new hard be like? An announcement at E3 will be awaited.

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