A baby blown 15 meters from the house with a tornado, surviving from under the mattress

It seems that a tornado struck the house and the baby was sucked out out of every crib, but it is miraculously saved with minor injuries. The baby was still 14 months old, and if you were injured you may have not done without it.

Details are as follows.
The miracle under the mattress - People: Tales of survival - MSNBC.com

Baby found alive under tornado debris

It was Monday that a tornado attacked Joe Soyring's house in Michigan, United States of America. There was a weather forecast that the tornado went through at 0:45 am so I arrived at ease with confidence, but it seems that a tornado came around 1:20 am. Mr. Soyring tried to cling to the mattress but eventually it was blown off by the wind and rolled down to the first floor and the door of the entrance had already flied by the wind and rolled down to the back lawn. My wife, Nicole Opperman, looked for a 3 year old Mikayla and a 14 month Blake, but I could not find it very much because various fragments were flying.

When the tornado passed away, Soyring and Opperman called children. Then Mikayla appeared soon. A part of the bed of Mikayla is blowing to the neighboring garden and it seems that Mikayla did not know exactly where Mikayla appeared to Soyrings.

After that, Soyring cooperated with the neighbor and searched Blake for about 10 minutes. Since the neighbor says that the sobbing of the baby can be heard, digging up a huge rubble mountain found a Blake mattress, and turning it over turned Blake. Although there was a scratch, the condition was said to have been good. Blake was thrown out of the house every baby bed, it seemed to have been blown about 40 to 50 feet (about 12 to 15 meters), it was not saved because the mattress successfully protected it from debris and miracles happened It is said that it is said.

According to the Associated Press, there were 8 tornadoes in Michigan and Washington State, and 6 people were killed.

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