A 2 year old girl who dropped from the window at a height of 40 meters and survived

A 2 year old girl dropped from the window on the 7th floor. The height to the window was 130 feet (about 40 meters), but she seems to be able to take a miraculous life simply by breaking her leg.

Details are as belowTwo-year-old plunges 130 feet from window - and survives the Daily Mail

On the evening of the accident, her mother, Virginie Zito, who was doing laundry in the next room, was unable to see the 2 year old Alisha Zito and asked the brothers who were playing with her whereabouts. They pointed to the bedroom, but Alisha did not go over there, he searched for names while calling. At that time, Virginie noticed the baby 's crying from the outside, he looked down from the window and found Alisha collapsed.

I thought that a neighbor who heard a stabbing scream hit a metal pole used for work, but Alisha did not hit the pole and dropped on a wooden lift used by a window cloth supplier It was. There are metal pole and concrete paved ground on both sides of the lift which is only 70 centimeters wide, and it seems that it was a dangerous situation.

As a result Alisha decided to break his feet, but there was no change in life. Her father said, "When I heard that it fell from the 7th floor, I thought that I could not help anymore, it is a miracle to survive, God is wonderful."

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