A reunion after seeking for a month, a cat will come back to a woman who lost her house with a tornado

A woman who felt that a tornado had destroyed his home and felt that "everything had been lost" had been interviewed by a TV in front of a house that was turned into a rubble, but a cat that had been missing came back A miracle happened.

A woman's home was messed up by a tornado, so I do not know if a cat is alive or not. She has been searching for cats everyday since then, and seems to have reunited after that.

About sudden reunion of love cat and woman from the following.Video: Cat returns home after tornado during TV interview | todaysthv.com

One day, Judy Pugh, who noticed the tornado rolling up the rubble around and heading for us, caught three love cats and jumped into the entrance. But evacuation also voided and the roof of her house quickly blew away, and the wall fell down from above and she became underlay.

Pugh's home, destroyed by a tornado. It has been destroyed to the extent that the prototype is hardly kept.

Pugh said, "I tried to move my hands and knee, but it did not come in. Then the young boy loudly heard a voice calling me" Judy, Judy, are you there? " I am talking about the situation at the time. Pugh seems to have successfully escaped, although a black bruise has been created in his body.

Although she could survive safely, she lost home to go home. Despite being small, there was a part that was safe in the house which became a mountain of rubace, and the crystal bowl that was stored in the kitchen cabinet was discovered intact, but Pugh's heart He was not healed.

Because one of the cats who kept 3 animals became missing, she said that he kept looking for cats every day for three weeks after the incident without abandoning hope.

Knowing such circumstances, TV crew will visit the interview.

A cat that was hard to find was showing up in the middle of receiving an interview. The cat found is a name called Cadie and it is said that it is just a miracle reunion as it has survived the situation that food and water can not be obtained satisfactorily for about a month.

Mr. Pugh touched the cat so deeply and was complaining that "I got everything I wanted."

She seems to be touching Cadie who has survived the harsh conditions, such as telling a story to say "I can ask Cadie where I could go, if I can talk to Cadie, where I have been going". Cadie, of course, he will live with Pugh in the future.

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