Safari park's elephant gets closer and the roof of the car is damaged

A 6 ton elephant approaches a car of brother and sister who visited Safari Park in South Africa. The nose of a huge elephant is enough to distort the roof of the car and the situation at that time is filmed.

The elephant seems to have approached the car with mere curiosity, but it seems pretty scary that he can not move in a closed room gradually distorted.

Details are as below.Pictured The moment jumbo elephant went on the rampage - and crushed a terrified couple's car roof the Daily Mail

A massive body that is overwhelmingly larger than a car.

Park Ranger shouted to cut off the car engine and his brother and sister got scared in the fear of the roof being destroyed for six minutes before the elephant leaves in the car.

A roof distorted by the elephant 's nose.

This seems to be an event when photographing a group of elephants from a car, "We were still standing still without moving until the elephant walked away, it was an unbelievable experience," brother Beltrame "He says.

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