Continue to be bitten by a lot of jellyfish for 40 minutes and survive safely

It seems that some men have been stabbed for 40 minutes because they have entered the hordes of jellyfish. Although the life of men was saved, the body was swollen like a balloon when protected, it was said that it was in a very dangerous condition.

I think that the opportunity to go to the sea will increase if the rainy season has come and summer comes, but it may be necessary to pay attention to jellyfish so that it will not be a catastrophe.

People who are not good at scratches and other images need a little care.

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British kite-surfer is stung for 40 MINUTES after becoming trapped in swarm of jellyfish | Mail Online

Mr. Crispin Freeman (42 years old) suffered damage of jellyfish this time. Mr. Freeman was surfing off Costa Rica, he encountered a large group of jellyfish having poison, he said he kept being stabbed by jellyfish for 40 minutes. A friend close to him said he tried to help, but Mr. Freeman cried out as "Run away!", He said he was thinking first of all the safety of his acquaintance. It seems he was stabbed by a hordes of jellyfish and was in a panic condition, but gradually that feeling has gradually disappeared. However, he was desperately trying not to get stabbed only by his face, he said he did not get stabbed.

After a while the hordes of jellyfish are shed by the tide, Mr. FreemanNicaraguaIt seems that it was protected near the border of Japan. Immediately after being protected, antihistamine was injected, and somehow managed to survive.

Pictures of Freeman Family

Photos after treatment. There are still marks stabbed by a lot of jellyfish. It seems that he was swelling like a balloon right after being protected.

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