A 5 year old girl swims with a shark Movie


Tries to surf the world borrowing the power of sharksA strange manHowever, the damage caused by sharks every yearin the world, And the death toll in 2011 was 12 people. But it seems that a 5 - year - old girl was swimming with a shark in the ocean where such sharks are sick.

Girl (5) swims with sharks - YouTube

A man who controls a fish in a shallow waterfall and a shark swim.

Tourists are also in the corner.

Sharks are swimming all the time under the water.

A shark that shrivels with bamboo in a fillet of a fish that a man threw.


And the scene switched. This time I feed the food at the end of the rope.

Throwing food into the sea ... ...

As soon as a shark got stuck.

Even if you pull the rope upwards, it will not stick to it.

Catch it.

We are going to try to pull the feed in the water.

And when the sea shark's severity was burned to the eyes, girls got into the ocean where such sharks are swimming.

Beyond the snorkel it is ahead ......

The appearance of a shark that swims swiftly.

Very quick.

I am following the man.

And the appearance of a shark which swims all the way.

Beyond that path ... ...

The girls were swimming very hard.

This is the capital city of the BahamasNassauA movie taken at. It seems dangerous to swim a child in a shark's flock, but while the girl is underwater, the shark is quiet and that there were about 40 adults around and it was extremely safe.

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