Punishment sentence to a man who was shooting with his air gun running her girl half-naked

It seems that a man who made his wife a shooting practice of an air gun and was performing abuse received a jail sentence. Although making people into air guns themselves is a nagging situation, it seems that they also made it obvious that they had forced the wife to do a variety of things and made it into the air gun.

Let's see what kind of situation the site was.

Details are from the following.
Husband shot at semi-naked wife for target practice - Telegraph

Vedran Ribaric defendant (26) living in Croatia received the conviction this time. Vedran Ribaric defendant forced his wife Mirna to take off his pants and run around the garden and was firing an air gun to Mirna at a close distance. Abuse also seems to have been done such as frightening Mirna to compel air gun muzzle and force sexy pose to be taken. The Vedran Ribaric defendant testified that he was shooting at Mirna for shooting practice of the air gun.

As a result of a trial conducted at Zapresic, Vedran Ribaric was sentenced to imprisonment for 3 years and 5 months and seems to be in prison at the moment. It seems that the court found that there was a problem with attitudes towards Mirna from usual, such as Mirna was letting you clean up several prostitutes after cleaning up.

A neighbor who is a witness is commenting, "It is not sane to shoot at such a beautiful woman and you should have shot wild pigs as others do ... ...".

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