A man robbed a bank to escape from his wife

The husband who is afraid of his wife from old days is called "A godfatherIt is said that there was a man of a wife and a wife who robbed a bank to escape from his wife.

There was also a way of divorce if it was so terrible that he would commit sin, but why did he think about bank robbery?

Details are from the following.
Man Opts for Jail Instead of Marriage | NBC Philadelphia

According to this article, in the state of Pennsylvania, USALancasterAntony Miller (39 years old) living in Antony Miller (39 years old) requested to invade the local bank Ephrata Bank in 2007 to pay the money, but there is no way to get away immediately with the money, the bank He seems to have asked a question to "have you informed the police any more?" Miller did not seem to be hurting anyone, it looked like she was waiting for the police to rush. He seems to have been arrested without great resistance to the policeman who came after him.

According to a subsequent investigation, Miller stated that he entered a prison and tried bank robbery to try to escape from his wife. Miller was abused by his wife and he wanted to divorce, but he was threatened to kill if there was something to leave from my source, he was unable to escape from his wife himself. Miller's lawyer respects Miller's request and asks the judge to put it in jail soon. The judge said he declared a sentence of prison sentences for three to six years, taking into consideration Miller's request.

By the way, Miller said that divorce with his wife was established last year.

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