The court rejected the divorce of an eight-year-old girl and a 58-year-old man

In Saudi Arabia, an 8 - year - old girl was married to a 58 - year - old man by his father and the girl 's mother was urging the court to destroy the marriage, the court said, "The mother has no right to prosecute and the girls sue himself I have to wait until my age is reached ", he says he dismissed his mother's appeal.

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Saudi Girl Aged Eight Married Off By Father | Home | Sky News

Lawyer Abdullar Jtili "I have just graduated from elementary school fourth grader and I still do not understand that I got married."

According to anonymous relatives' comments, a 58 - year - old man said verbally "to hold a marriage till ten years after the girl becomes 18 years old" and that the girl now lives with her mother Thing. He seems to tell the court that his father is in trouble with money and that he married his daughter to a man under the condition of a donation of 5000 pounds (about 700,000 yen), and that intention to marry has not changed. Abdullar claims to appeal to the council which is the Saudi Arabian Supreme Court.

In the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, where Muslim precepts are strictly kept, marriage with minors and polygamy are taken as natural, and in April YemenCases where unemployed 28 and 8-year-old girls are married, but marriage is destroyed by abusive actionThere was a place.

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