Because a 16 - year - old girl was about to marry a 75 - year old man, attempted suicide by drinking bleach

In Saudi Arabia, a 16 - year - old girl tried to commit suicide by drinking bleach because she was forced to marry with a 75 - year - old man. In general, they do marriage under mutual agreement, but why is she forced to forcibly get married and Saudi law (Islamic law) is concerned whether forced marriage is allowed or not It is place.

Details are from the following.Saudi girl drinks bleach to escape marriage

This time, the name of the woman who attempted suicide is Shaikha. She promised her father to marry her daughter on a trading exchange with a 75 year old man and she seems to be forced to marry a 75 year old man. She refuted, but both father and 75 - year - old man ignored her opinion and said she did not accept her request. Judging that she can not escape from compulsory marriage, she thinks that she tried to commit suicide by drinking bleach.

The person in the picture below is Shaikha.

She appealed to the "The National Society of Human Rights" to interfere and to invalidate mandatory marriage. He also asked that he be able to live with his mother who was already divorced and living separately. Her mother is also against the marriage with a 75 - year - old man, protecting Shaikha from his father and claiming that forced engagement should also be canceled.

It seems that it is said that the engagement this time is likely to be invalid because it is said that it can not be married without mutual consent in Islamic law and it can be invalid about mandatory engagement.

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