Police arrested a 70-year-old woman as neglecting the lawn's watering

The police in Utah province arrested a 70 - year - old woman, saying that she was not watering the lawn. At that time, the policeman stabbed the woman's nose with handcuffs and brought injury. What on earth was that situation?

Details are as follows.
BBC NEWS | Americas | US woman arrested over dry lawn

Trouble is in UtahOremIt occurred in. According to the victim Betty Perry (70), it seems that a policeman came and touched her nose with handcuffs as her garden violated local ordinances. Police insisted that she was arrested and claimed that her injury was due to her fall, but Mr. Perry refuted that he tried to call his son because he seemed to be talky, Both arguments are inconsistent.
This police officer judged that the garden that had been left untreated violated the ordinance of the city of Orem and tried to issue an official warning, Perry is injured in the hospital before going to a detention house He seems to have treated. After all, according to the police spokesperson it seems that it was released without being held.

Perry seems to have never quarreled with the police so far, it seems that local church leaders are now offering help in cleaning the garden. The policeman who arrested Perry was given management vacation.

Why has suddenly become a seed of trouble suddenly not having been troubled so far? No wonder no one thought that this is so much about the lawn ....

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