McDonald's clerk arrests too much salt on hamburgers

In the United States, McDonald 's in Union City in Georgia, a clerk was arrested by placing a large amount of salt and pepper at a policeman' s hamburgers. Kendra Bull, a female clerk arrested, accidentally spilled a lot of salt and pepper into the bowl when mixing hamburger meat.

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According to Bull, her boss was making patties from the meat together, but even after spilling the salt, the work was continued as it was without being stopped. She said that she baked the meat at dinner break and tasted it, then made the hamburger using the remaining meat.

However, when a policeman ate the hamburger, he became sick and charged Bull 's irresponsible acts intentionally put salt and pepper in it.

Bull paid 1,000 dollars (about 114,000 yen) on bail and was released from prison, acknowledging that the hamburger at that time was hard. She did not get sick if you eat the same thing, and insists that you can see that if you look at the camera for security you will find that the salt has accidentally been spilled. Bull's lawyer demanded that the complaint be withdrawn, but the judge said that he refused.

You can see an interview movie to Kendra Bull arrested from this link.
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