A fine of about 20 million yen will be handed down to a restaurant that hired a fake father and made an employee 'confess sin'

A restaurant in California, USA, was ordered to pay $140,000 (about 19.8 million yen) in unpaid wages and damages to employees for hiring a person claiming to be a priest to extract confessions from employees. rice field. Labor officials investigating the investigation have denounced an attempt to use a self-proclaimed priest to get employees to confess their 'sins' at work as 'corruption at its most shameless'.

Employee testifies restaurants offered priest to extract confessions of workplace 'sins;' federal court orders payment of $140K to 35 workers | US Department of Labor


California restaurant had fake priest hear workers' confessions, Labor Department says | Catholic News Agency

A restaurant must pay workers $140,000 after allegedly hiring a fake priest to extract confessions of workers' 'sins' | CNN Business

This time, Che Garibaldi, who runs three restaurants called Taqueria Garibaldi in northern California, was ordered to pay a fine for violating the Labor Standards Act. An employee working at the company's restaurant testified in a lawsuit filed by the US Department of Labor that ``the employer suggested interviewing a person claiming to be a priest during working hours.''

According to employees, the self-proclaimed priest urged employees to 'spit out their guilt,' asking whether they stole from their employer, were late, or did anything that would harm their employer. He said that he asked if he had malicious intent.

Many Catholic employees interviewed the priest in response to the proposal, but the employees said that they felt uncomfortable because they only talked about work, unlike the usual confession.

The lawsuit comes after a Labor Department investigation found that Che Garibaldi had failed to pay overtime to employees who worked more than 40 hours a week. The investigation also accused employers of illegally paying managers out of employee tip pools and threatened immigration detriment to employees who cooperated with the Labor Department investigation. It was also found that one employee who was believed to have complained to the authorities was dismissed.

In November 2022, when the owner of the store brought in the self-proclaimed priest, the labor authorities had already started investigating the store, so the opening of the confession room for this priest disturbed the investigation and cooperated with the investigation. It was allegedly intended to retaliate against employees who

Labor officials pointed out that the store manager had falsely claimed that the immigration issue would be raised by the immigration department's investigation, and said, The attempt was intended to silence workers, impede investigations and prevent the collection of unpaid wages.'

The identity of the self-proclaimed priest is unknown. The Diocese of Sacramento, California, the Catholic Church that governs the area where the restaurant is located, said in a statement: 'Our investigation did not find any evidence of a connection between the alleged priest in this case and the Diocese of Sacramento. I don't know who the person in question is, but I'm pretty sure he's not the priest of the Diocese of Sacramento.'

In a ruling dated May 8, 2023, Judge William B. Shabu of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California ordered the three owners and operators of Che Garibaldi to pay 35 employees $70,000 in unpaid wages. About 9.9 million yen) and the same amount of damages, and ordered to pay a total of 140,000 dollars. Apart from this, the store was also fined $ 5000 (about 700,000 yen).

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