Twitter evicted from office for unpaid rent

Court documents reveal that Twitter's office in Boulder, Colorado, USA, has been forced to vacate due to unpaid rent for three months.

Twitter is being evicted from its Boulder office over unpaid rent | TechCrunch

Judge orders sheriff to evict Twitter from Boulder office - Denver Business Journal

Since Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk, the company's business has been in turmoil, and it was reported that the rent of the San Francisco headquarters and other branches were in arrears.

Twitter is in arrears of office rent - GIGAZINE

Court documents reveal that Twitter's offices at 3401 Bluff St in Bluff Street, Boulder, Colorado, were forced to vacate due to unpaid rent. I'm here.

According to court documents, 3401 Bluff St is owned by a Chicago-based company called Lot 2 SBO. Twitter submitted a letter of credit of $ 968,000 (about 140 million yen) to Lot 2 SBO in February 2020, and rent will be paid from this letter of credit instead of regular rent payment. It seems that it was. And in March 2023, Twitter was unable to pay the office rent, so the lessor, Lot 2 SBO, asked the Boulder District Court to 'order Twitter to evict the office.' In addition, since the rent can not be paid in March 2023, the rent of 3401 Bluff St is estimated to be about $ 27,000 per month (about 3.8 million yen).

In response, on May 31, 2023, the Boulder District Court ordered Twitter to evict 3401 Bluff St 'within 49 days' (until the end of July 2023). Twitter's office at 3401 Bluff St used to have 300 employees, but due to the downsizing of the workforce due to the recession, the number of employees working in the office has decreased to less than half. It seems that it is considered to be.

In addition, when TechCrunch independently investigated this matter, it seems that another case was found where the cleaning company is claiming an unpaid amount of $ 93,504 (about 1.3 million yen) to Twitter. TechCrunch did not respond to a request for comment on Twitter about the Boulder office's unpaid rent and unpaid cleaning fees.

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