Microsoft starts selling repair parts such as displays and 5G antennas for Surface

Repair parts for Microsoft's proprietary hardware 'Surface Pro' and 'Surface Laptop' are now on sale. Various parts such as displays, batteries, cameras, and 5G antennas are available.

Announcing the availability of consumer replacement components for Surface devices | Microsoft Devices Blog

In recent years, there has been an increasing movement towards establishing a 'right to repair' that allows users to repair their own devices by themselves. In October 2021, Microsoft reached an agreement with investors to establish 'repair rights' , and started efforts to sell repair parts for in-house hardware such as Xbox and Surface. .

And on June 14, 2023, sales of repair parts for the Surface series began. Repair parts are available at the link below.

Microsoft Surface Repair & Replacement Parts - Microsoft Store

Checking the parts sold by model type looks like this. Batteries, displays, front cameras, rear cameras, speakers, etc. are prepared for 'Surface that can be both a tablet and a notebook PC' such as Surface Pro.

In addition, stands and SSDs were also lined up.

Replacement keyboards and displays are sold for the Surface laptop series.

Replacement parts for cooling modules, USB Type-C ports, and audio jacks are also available.

A display, power supply unit, speaker, cooling module, and SSD are available for Surface Studio, a display-integrated PC. The price of the replacement display is very expensive at 1749.99 dollars (246,000 yen), but the selling price of the target machine '

Surface Studio 2+ ' is 719,180 yen or more, so it can be said that it is a reasonable price.

At the time of writing the article, Surface series repair parts are sold only at Microsoft official online stores in the United States, Canada and France. Microsoft plans to expand sales areas in the future.

In addition, when announcing the start of sales of repair parts, Microsoft said, ``We are pleased to be able to provide out-of-warranty repair parts for users interested in the technical field.'' , It is unclear whether the phrase 'not covered by warranty' means 'providing repair parts for products outside the warranty period' or 'repaired devices are not covered by warranty'. Overseas media Tom's Hardware has asked Microsoft about the meaning of the phrase ``not covered by compensation'', but there is no answer at the time of writing the article.

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